The baby gate is a ubiquitous and accessible tool for parents. It can be used to help prevent children from exploring areas of the house where they may be in danger or to keep them out of certain rooms when the parents are not at home. However, there are many instances when it is appropriate to remove the baby gate, including easy gate opening from the baby or it can climb over it with ease. 

1. Toddler’s Chin Is at the Same Level

When you start seeing that your baby has grown from crawling and walking and its chin is at the same gate level, then this is a nominal sign that the restriction of a baby gate can be alleviated. However, not all babies are the same in maneuvering and agility.

2. Baby Can Open Gate Easily

When a baby grows up, he starts to figure out the process of handling different things. In other words, they tend to start developing their motor skills. Together with their curiosity levels, they tend to find a way to open the gate, which, as time passes by, becomes much easier for them. In this case, you can buy another higher-in height gate or let the baby move around without a gate. 

3. Baby Can Climb Easily

If your baby can’t jump over the baby gate, it may be time to consider now whether you need a wall-mounted gate or a portable door. There is no need for a baby gate if your child is capable of easily climbing over anything he wants, including his toys and accessories. However, this is not the case with every toddler, 

4. Baby Can Walk Through Doorway

If your baby can go through the doorway and move freely, there is no need for a baby gate. If you still think you need a baby gate, try to buy a portable door instead of a fixed one. You will see that it is much easier for them to go through it rather than climbing over the gate.

5. Baby Can Walk and Is Not Interested in Gate

The last and the most obvious sign is if your baby can walk and is not interested in the obstacle of a gate. If this happens, then it is time to remove the baby gate completely. It will be pointless to keep it there because it serves no purpose anymore.

Why Do Newborns Require Gates?

1. Gate Helps With Development

Before your infant can walk, he will benefit greatly from the gate for safety. As he moves around the house, the gate protects his limbs and helps in developing his balancing skills, coordination and motor skills.

2. Gate Prevents Falls

At the stage of learning how to walk, infants try to overcome obstacles. The gate helps protect them from falling and injuring themselves while they learn how to walk.

3. Gate Helps Preventing Children Playing Near Dangerous Areas

Children tend to be inquisitive and play near dangerous areas. The gate prevents them from entering areas such as the kitchen, stairs, or swimming pool where there is a risk of falling or other injuries that can be life-threatening.

Safety Tips for Using Baby Gates

1. Install Into a Solid Surface

Make sure that the gate is installed on a solid surface. This prevents the gate from moving around when your child tries to hit it or climb against it. You can also buy pressure mount gates to avoid drilling holes in the walls.

2. Use Plenty of Pressure

There are different types of gates, and some are easier to be opened than others. You need to make sure that you use enough pressure on the frame when installing it. If you fail to do so, your baby will be able to open it easily.

3. Jpma Seal of Approval

Baby gate manufacturers are required to meet the safety standards of the American Society for Testing and Materials (ASTM) International. Baby gates that meet this standard are allowed to display the JPMA seal of approval on their packaging. Not all gates have this seal, although it is safer to purchase a gate that has this.

Wrap Up

A baby gate protects your baby. However, there will come a moment when this baby gate will stop operating and will no longer safeguard your child. If any of the causes mentioned above appear to be present, it is preferable to remove the gate.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Q1. Why Is There a Need for a Baby Gate?

A. Baby gates are used to prevent toddlers from walking across dangerous places, falling and getting hurt. They also help prevent them from falling out of high places. Most parents will only use the baby gate when the child is young or up to three years old. After that, most parents do not use it because many newborns learn how to climb over the gate by themselves. 

Q2. How Do I Set Up a Baby Gate?

A. Baby gates are usually easy to install. However, you should use a gate rail or a railing as a guide to place the gate. The baby gate should be 3 ft above the ground and 3 ft from either side of the wall. There should be 2 ft space at both the top and bottom of the baby gate to open easily. The fabric of the baby gate should be lightweight and durable as it could still be used for other purposes once your child is older.

Q3. How Do I Remove a Baby Gate?

A. Removing a baby gate is much easier than setting up a baby gate. You should remove the screws or bolts that hold it in place and then pull or lift the baby gate from the wall. The baby gate installation will differ from one type to another, but it should be easy to put up and take away.