Baby gates are recommended by many as it is the best way to save your child from falling from stairs. The staircase is one of the commonplace from where children are fallen and get injured. Many parents are now using safety gates to save their kids. Some parents are also considered a smoke alarm as the most important safety device. Fortunately, here are some easy and quick tips to save your children from falling from stairs.

If you have stairs in your home, then baby gates are more valuable. Baby safety gates ensure that when your kids are walking around stairs, they can save them from falling. 

A baby gate or fence ae the best proofing solution to save your child from climbing the stars. When you are busy and not watching your child, the baby gate saves your child from climbing the stairs. The baby gate block all way for the child to walk near the staircase. 

 Choosing A Baby Gate

Before buying a baby gate or fence, you need to know what baby gate suits your living. Not all baby gates are perfect for every parent’s situation. 

You need to follow the things while using a baby gate with stairs. You need to follow the instructions:

There are many baby gate models available in the market designed to save your kids from stairs. You need to check your situation before going to buy it.

 Many gates are located near odd areas, such as angled banisters and stair balusters with no wood support. Some gates also adjust their shape into extensive ones. You may have to buy an installation kit for this type of area. 

 Many gates have a dual-action latch, which means you have to push down when you need to release it. It can be quickly done with one hand. There are also available some auto-lock gate latches. Try the latches as much as you can, which are easy to use for you. If a gate has a squeezing mechanism, it can be open by compressing part of the gate. Maybe this kind of latch can be hard to use, so check it in-store for your satisfaction. There is another option, which is known as a pressure-release handle, which allows you to open the gate with one hand.

 Baby Gates For Open Areas:

If you purchase a baby gate for an open area, you must attach it with a doorframe or wall with screws. To make them sturdy, you need to hardware mounted them over the distance stretched. If you have a considerable section near your home’s stairs, you look for a 3-1 gate.

 From this, you not only blocked the stair’s area but also covered the hazards and rooms that are near the stairs. 3-1 baby gate can turn into a playpen, it is a bonus for many parents, but it is not its primary work. There are different extensions available in the market, and you can purchase them separately when you need to cover any distance. 

Baby Gates for Limited Area:

If you have a limited area for a baby gate, then a large baby gate is not suitable for you at all. There are a lot of gates which are perfectly fit for your entrance area to stairs. 

Pressure mounted baby gates are also called expandable baby gates. They are highly portable and straightforward to install. Plain surfaces are not suitable for pressure-mounted baby gates. That’s why flat surfaces are suitable for it. You need hardware-mounted baby gates if your staircase is not usual. 

The major gripe of expandable gates is that they can fit inside a walkway. The space between the gateway is relatively narrow, which you walk through. You may face some problems when you walk through by having luggage and other travel items between rooms.

You have an option to use extensive pieces, but it depends on which type of gates you prefer. They can make your stairs wider, but these are costly.

Despite their disadvantages, many parents are recommended expandable gates to others. It would be best to like those expandable gates, which are taller than the normal gate and can easily be opened and closed by one hand. The reason behind it if your child is heavy, then it may cause the gate to fall and slip.

You can also use hardware-mounted gates that means you have two gates, one at the bottom of the stairs and the other one at the top. The hardware-mounted gates are best at the top, and expandable gates are good at the bottom.

Make Baby Gates Yourself:

It is not very hard to make a baby gate; you can quickly build it with yourself. It is not difficult to make a baby gate yourself; you need one person along with you for help. You need to set a good day and make baby gates together.

If you are not living in a sprawling mansion, that means you have less space at the top of the stairs as compared to the bottom as there is a big chance that your baby to fall from the top of the stairs, so you need to make a gate as large as possible. But it would help if you made a hardware-mounted at the top of the stairs. Of course, you need to screw into your fence and wall, but you need to focus on baby safety. We are not recommended you take retractable baby gates because when you push the gate against the stair’s side can be loose. The sides can come to lose slowly, but definitely. In this condition, your child may attempt to climb the gate and put whole weight on one side, resulting in the gate collapsing and your baby falling from the stairs.

As I already told you about my favorite gate that is hardware mounted earlier, I will tell you some different varieties of this section. 

Baby gates have a doorstep that you need to jump over mostly. The doorstep can easily cause stub toes and trips. 

Mounting a Baby Gate:

Most of the parents are don’t liking to mounting a gate to the fence. Sometimes your landlord does not permit you to modify the home, and you also don’t want to screw the holes. That’s why hardware-mounted gates are not suitable for everyone. 

But there is a device that allows you to install the baby gate directly to the fence without destroying it. It is a temporary mount where you clip the mount to your fence then drill your baby gate straight. The children’s gate mount even works perfectly on irregularly shaped banisters. 

Another problem with the fence is that most parents don’t give any importance to it, injuring their children. 

Some children are curious; they try to balance them into the fence by putting their hands through the gap rather than grabbing the rail. No doubt the end of this is your baby is falling from stairs. 

The other problem with the fence is that there is a gap where your children throw their toys. It is great fun that your children think that their toys can fly. For this, you need a banister guard. Banister guards are covering the gaps with a plastic sheet and netting. You have two choices, but I prefer you to choose the plastic one.

The plastic sheets have come with a zip that secures your banister. It is readily available at the hardware store, and if you are wanted to save money, you need to install the zip yourself; it is not a difficult task to do. Just sure that the plastic you buy is not of low quality. 

When Can You Remove the Baby Gate Stairs:

If your child feels more comfortable in swings, it doesn’t mean that they are continually growing inside it. You have to take them out one day. When you note that your child’s weight is more than the swing’s capacity, you must have to make the decision immediately. Stop using it when your child’s weight is above 12 kgs. But, usually, most of the swings can hold above 14 kgs. 

Always remember weight defines the swing is usable or not. When your child reaches the maximum weight limit but can’t show any uncomfortable signs from the swings, the parents must separate their child from the swing. Please don’t force them to live in the swing. Every year more than 1500 children get injured due to baby swings, and I don’t think you want to see your child in such a condition.

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A baby gate will not only keep your child safe on the stairs, but it will also keep them from sneaking into rooms that they are not allowed to go into. With a baby gate installed at the top of the stairs, you can lock your child in a safe room while you go about your daily routine without having to worry about getting interrupted by your toddler. Baby gates are usually easy to install and can be used almost anywhere. They are lightweight, sturdy, and built to last for many years.